Manolev attacks Petev and Lechkov

CSKA Sofia new signing Stanislav Manolev, who signed for the Reds on Wednesday, criticized national coach Ivaylo Petev and BFU vice-president Yordan Lechkov.

After Bulgaria’s thriler against Luxembourg, USA ’94 hero Yordan Lechkov said “to get used to to that because this is our level” but obviously Stanislav Manolev disagrees with him.

“To get used to? He knows very well that Bulgarians always want the maximum. To get used to? He wants us to become a mediocre team like Malta, really? Is that what he meant? This is unacceptable! Get used to to be mediocre team… If they say that to me, I will never play for the national team again”, said Manolev in interview for Nova TV.

“When Lubo (Luboslav Penev) was a national coach after two defeats they decided to sack him. Why? Now under Petev how many matches we’ve lost? How the team plays? And nobody says a thing”, Manolev added.

“Now we’ve played against Luxembourg and we’ve conceded three goals. Shameful! Everybody says that there are no players. That’s not true – there are players. You just have to choose the right coach and the right players”, said Manolev.

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