Rusev leaving Levski

Levski owner Spas Rusev is about to leave the club.

Bulgarian businessman lasted just six months as Levski owner, after taking the Blues at the end of August 2016. Here is his statement in full, published on Levski’s official website.

“Football exists because it is a beautiful game. Inspire kids to achieve success on and off the pitch. Creates friendships. Unites families, who watch their favourite football team. Football exists because of the fans. Men and women, boys and girls who are fans of a team, follow it and support it. Honourably”, said Rusev.

“Today is my last day in Levski.”

“Today, February 22nd, I am forced to leave Professional Football Club Levski, becoming the third owner in the recent history of the club, who leaves under the pressure of so-called fans. These are not the honest fans because of which football exist.”

Spas Rusev continued: “Obviously it is the time the leaders of these fan organisations, who claim that they know how to manage the club, to take responsibility.”

“When I take over Levski, I stated that this is a cause for me. I had the most sincere intentions to make Levski successful club. After an audit by “Ernst & Young” proved that Levski is practically bankrupt, my priority became the existence of the club – repayment of the obligations, stabilising the financial situation.”

“I started working in a difficult situation – the players were selected by other people, the coach left for no reason, so-called fans boycotted and expelled honest fans from the stands, my family and I were subjected to constant pressure and humiliation.”

“In this connection, I want to return the shares back to the club and give them to the fan organisations. I will propose Daniel Borimirov (Sporting Director) to do the same.”

“Let those who claim they care for Levski to take the future of the club in their hands. It’s time to leave the comfort zone of their anonymity and stand in front the other fans. Because the time of hidden attacks Internet “troll” ends. I can say that the atmosphere around the club is toxic. This is because of the people without names, hidden behind the curtain that deceptive says “supporters club”, trying to pull the strings of the biggest Bulgarian football club.”

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